Instructions for use Skincell Advanced

Advanced Skincell: User Guide

Skincell Advanced comes in a liquid emulsion in a glass bottle with dispenser for easy application. The product is applied to the growth area, avoiding healthy tissues and mucous membranes. Removal of warts and moles includes the following rules:

How to use the serum
  • skin is cleaned from impurities;
  • hands are treated with an antiseptic;
  • apply the composition with a special spoon or stick to avoid applying it to the adjacent skin.

Concealer absorbs quickly. The course of treatment is 2-3 times a day for a month. During this time, the small or medium growth disappears. Large moles, papules, or warts may take longer to treat. For preventive purposes, 2-3 applications per week is sufficient.

Before using the product, you must rule out allergic reactions, ensure skin integrity in the area of application.


Revolutionary formula guarantees 100% treatment results - after a month of use, the skin becomes visibly clear. The active ingredients work only on altered cells, without capturing healthy tissue. Skincell Advanced Serum Concentrate is recommended in the following cases:

  • nevi localization and different colors;
  • warts, papillomas and other tumors;
  • hyperpigmentation and localized dark spots.

There are no contraindications to use due to its natural composition. The remedy must be used with caution for those at high risk of allergies, with wounds in the application area (cuts, abscesses, bleeding). Studies on its use during pregnancy and lactation have not been conducted.

Do not apply an active preparation to tumors that have traces of cancer cell modification, for example, during their growth, hair growth, changes in contours and color. In other cases the fund is allowed in Ireland.